Eating out on Sarjapura Road

Welcome to spending some time on my blog.

Its my first blog, so thought of starting it with something from my daily life – Eating Out. Past 2 weeks, I have been getting my lunch box to office. But I still love eating out and trying new restaurants with my colleagues and friends (putting on some extra weight is just fine).

Finding out good eating places near your workplace isn’t that difficult. Word-of-mouth from colleagues and is always at your hand to make a choice for filling your hungry stomach at lunchtime. So, here goes the list of restaurants which I have tried in the last 3 years during my office-lunch hours in Sarjapura Road.

(The list gives an idea of the mood/cuisine, time/distance and average cost per person.)

  1. Purani Dilli by Anand Sweets & Savouries : As the name suggests, this place serves authentic North Indian cuisines. Newly opened this year,it is a pure-vegetarian restaurant where one can get fluffy kulchas & paranthas with extra ghee on it, chole bhature, chaats, lassi and lot more. Food is served in no time and the place has a good ambiance.Do try the Tandoori Veg Platter here. Almost half-a-km from Big Bazaar, Sarjapura Road, this is a pocket friendly restaurant (Rs.100-200 per person) and one can easily opt to go during lunch hours.
  2. Kritunga Restaurant : If you are craving for really spicy food, this is the place to   come for. Located just above the Big Bazaar, one can hog on different varieties of spicy chicken & mutton biryani cooked in Andhra style. Rayalaseema Chicken,Guntur chicken are some of the items which I have tried here. Service here is too slow. So, come here when you are planning to take a long lunch break (and an hour nap after that). Cost per person is Rs.200-250 approx.
  3. Aroi : When you have ample time to spare at lunch and not worrying about your  pocket, this is a place to try for some good South-Asian cuisine. Mee Goreng,Tom Yum Soup, Saiwoo Chicken with Crakling Spinach are some of the yummy food to fill your belly. The restaurant does give a good view of the Kaikondrahalli lake. Cost per person is Rs.500-700. Distance – 1 km from Big Bazaar (Walking down will help you digest what you have eaten).
  4. Kanua : Another place to come when you plan for a long lunch break and a big pocket. Book an auto or ride your bike for about 2.5 km to this place which serves some best Konkani & Mangalorean dishes like Prawns Masala, Sannua (idlis), Neer Dosa & Cheebda Aashaian(chilled dessert made of musk melon, coconut milk and flattened rice). Good sitting arrangements on a roof-top house, one can relax and enjoy a good meal. Cost per person is Rs.700-900.
  5. Folklore : You can drop in here for appam with chicken roast, kerala parota or putt with kadla curry, Kerala meals. If you love Kerala food and don’t wanna spend much, this is a place to be. Distance – 3 km from Big Bazaar and cost per person is Rs.100-150.
  6. Bheema’s and Nanda’s are the places to have Andhra style food. Andhra meals, Tandoori chicken, Malai Kofta and the chutneys are good to have items in both the restaurants. Half a km from Big Bazaar, it will cost Rs.150-300 per person.

Other places within 200-500 meters for having a quick and pocket-friendly lunch are:

  • Sagar Deluxe : Pure vegetarian restaurant, its the first option if you want to have a quick lunch. North/South Indian meals, Roti Curry, different dosas are available here. Cost per person is Rs.50-100.
  • Mangla : Another place for having Malayali dishes. Serves Kerala meals, putt, appam, egg roast, Kerala-style chicken biryani and fish items. Cost per person is Rs.70-150.
  • Zayakedar and Desi Rasoi : For homely cooked food, these 2 restaurants are good options and light on pocket. Cost per person is approx Rs.100.
  • Hyderabadi Biryani House, Zeeshan, Savoury Restaurant & Kabab Magic are some other options to have non-veg food. Cost per person is approx Rs.100-200.

Happy eating…


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