Souvenirs of my Travel

Packed bags, tickets, hotel reservations….

And here we go….for another trip, to a known or unknown place to experience what it beholds and add to our memory lanes. Old friends reminiscing, strengthening of new friendships, making acquaintances and perhaps a little self-discovery – all become a part of these travel times.

Well, I don’t have any “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” kind of travel moments, yet, to brag about but I do have souvenirs from each trip to remind me of the time spent there (and yes, lots of photographs too). For the record, my travel time started 4 years back when this tiny mole appeared on my right feet & I came to this “Silicon Valley of India” (As per Indian astrology, moles on the feet represents journey, travelling 😀 ).

  • Goa, a girls’ trip and reunion : I might probably be the 24,88,956th visitor to Goa and 15,782th blogger to mention Goa in a blog – doesn’t really matter. 1st girls’ trip of my life and it was so much fun. There isn’t shortage of things which one can buy as souvenirs from this place. I have a weakness for jewellery and ended up buying some pretty feather earrings & a neck-piece. 

    Beware of the sellers on the beach-side. They will sell you the same piece of jewellery at 10 times or more price than the actual. So, bargain a lot or don’t buy at all from them. Same jewellery are available at the beach markets in Calangute & Baga beach at much lesser price. Do visit other shops before buying anything (dresses, hats, sandals, jewellery, etc) as most of them will be selling the same stuff at different prices.

  • Mangalore with the acquaintances : Still an offbeat place to visit with friends & acquaintances during the New Year, this coastal region has some peaceful and serene beaches. Collecting beautiful sea-shells from the beach (as many as I could) was my souvenir from this place. Penambur beach sells some beautiful items from home decorative to jewellery made from sea shells. Bought a neck-piece made from tiny sea-shells. Another interesting token from this place was the tetra pack of OMR which we couldn’t finish on the New Year eve. (For those who didn’t understand OMR, please don’t GOOGLE 😉 ).

    This port city sleeps early. By 9 pm, almost everything is closed here. So, if you are a late-night party lover, this isn’t your place to be.

  • Kerala, the bond strengthens : Visiting Kerala- “God’s Own Country” made me feel like home. The serene view of the slender coastal areas, glistening backwaters and tea-covered hills relaxed and refreshed us during the long weekend of January month-end. The authentic Kerala food we had during this trip will always remain in our taste buds. A pair of colorful bangles made of coconut shell was my token from this place. (And yes, an Extended Family – Not all will understand this).

    One can taste some mouthwatering and authentic Kerala food if you have a local guy accompanying you during the trip. So, look out for a Malayi guy/girl for your next Kerala trip (atleast you can ask for suggestions).

  • Co-org, a realization : A road trip to Co-org (The Scotland of India) on weekend was a great way of escaping the hot Bangalore weather during April. As we ascended the hills, this beautiful hill-station welcomed us with a cool climate and an awesome view of the coffee and spice plantation along the way. While we enjoyed the ride during the day, the evening was far better. Slight drizzle and the cool breeze in the hills set the mood for drinks with some good music and long (serious-bakwas-all-sorts-of-topics) conversations till midnight. Not all souvenirs have to be a solid object !! Some are just meant to be felt and realized.

    The drinks were sold at prices more than their MRPs. So, be ready to pay some extra bucks.

    So, what are your souvenirs from your travel days???



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