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Wandering Solo in Wayanad

Wandering Solo in Wayanad

It has been a while since I came back from my 1st trek and my feet were itching for another trip. Deciding the next destination wasn't difficult as I have my long list of places to visit for this year. God's own country, Kerala has always been close to my heart and I picked Wayanad … Continue reading Wandering Solo in Wayanad


Souvenirs of my Travel

Packed bags, tickets, hotel reservations.... And here we go....for another trip, to a known or unknown place to experience what it beholds and add to our memory lanes. Old friends reminiscing, strengthening of new friendships, making¬†acquaintances and perhaps a little self-discovery - all become a part of these travel times. Well, I don't have any … Continue reading Souvenirs of my Travel